Incorporating Freedom in our Society to Achieve Global Peace

As of the present, the local and international news has been bombarded with unpleasant events that caused everyone to feel skeptical and unsafe. Big issues like the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, sudden migration of Syrian citizens to other neighboring countries because of the war, and the brutal and ruthless killings done in USA made us doubt about the future of our society as a whole. When will our society get rid of division and hate? Is there still a chance to achieve global peace?

       human society If we are to trace the history of human society, chaos and war in those times are prevalent. The rise and fall of the greatest civilizations that were known to man started and ended with a revolution. As we move along towards this present age, the battles faced by every human race have evolved from swords and spears to guns and bombs.

An unfortunate conclusion can be made that these acts have been an integral part of how our modern society has developed. Seeing the trend from the past until now, many of us have become hopeless to believe that a time will come when all nations of the world will get involved in wars to resolve an issue. They have thought that despite the great efforts done by neighboring countries to form ties and alliances with each other, divisions are still made that caused a simple conflict to worsen further. They fight to be able to claim power over others.

Empires from the old times have evolved into oligarchs that are highly driven because of their greed for resources. Basically, injustice is everywhere and takes on many forms. All these things have made the current society in its lowest state. Given these facts, we can roughly say that attaining peace and prosperity is something that is too complicated and impossible.

        However, not all people have given up their hopes for the world. Various advocacies and online sites have been established to promote social awareness and global peace. In addition, many renowned personalities have been influential in maintaining a few percentage of powerful optimists who remain hopeful for a lasting global peace in the future.

The former US President Franklin Roosevelt is one of them who left a moving and important speech that formulated an ideology that can help restore peace across nations. He strongly believed that the world can be peaceful and prosperous if everyone will realize the five basic fundamental freedoms: the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom for the environment, and freedom from fear.

      type society  Injustice roots from dishonesty and corruption. Many people who took power over others make use of their position to bring out everything in their favor. This chain of moral perversion is counteracted by the freedom of speech. We must realize that if all of us exercise this right to raise our concerns, then we can eliminate the unjust system, which continues to bring in the worst in our lives. Being free to speak our minds to highlight a positive aim for the society is a big move to achieve a greater goal of equality and honesty.

        Religion has been an essential tool in shaping the values and character of every race in the globe. However, with different religions come different beliefs. These differences were abused to the point that it created division amongst people. Incorporating the freedom of religion aims to end this meaningless ideology. If we can choose to commit to a religion or not without any prejudice from others, then we can live peacefully. Everyone must consider the idea of religion as something that guides, not something that overpowers other people.

        The freedom from want implies that everyone must be free from the certainty that everyone should be provided with all the important things and aspects they need to live. Being free from this means that we don’t have to fight over resources to keep us secured.

        Freedom from the environment means that we have to align our actions in a way that it will not destroy the Earth. Given the fact that this is our core source of life, doing means of caring for the environment equates to prolonging a good and prosperous living here on Earth.

        Lastly, we have to incorporate the freedom from fear in each of our lives. We can’t do the four forms of freedom without overcoming fear. Moving a big step towards global peace requires an immense strength. We may think that our contributions as individuals for this cause may be too small, but if all of us are strong together, we can achieve the goal of living in a more peaceful and happier society.